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March 4, 2022

Award-winning Film Director Andrea Ward talks about surviving domestic violence and empowering the voiceless through her new company Redemption Images. When Andrea Ward arrived in Hollywood, California in 2016, she was escaping violence but determined to transform her pain into power. She knew that she needed to stand up for herself and to herself, challenging years of physical and mental abuse. She had been held up against a wall, pushed, and shoved around for the last time. Then, after years of being told that she was worthless, fat, ugly, pathetic and everything in between she sought refuge in pursuing her dream of working in fashion and entertainment.

“All storms are temporary in life, it’s not about how you survive through a storm but rather what you do with your life after a storm. I started my production company Redemption Images to inspire and encourage those that have been silenced by abuse. I want to be the voice for the unheard and tell the stories we often do not hear about including social issues that are currently destroying our society.”

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Sheen Magazine – Award-winning Film Director Andrea Ward Talks Surviving Domestic Violence and Empowering the Voiceless

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